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Sacred Music for the Masses

Schletty sings bass with Waltham Abbey Singers, a Twin Cities Renaissance-Baroque community choir. See his Jesus soloing in the Heinrich Schütz St. Matthew Passion. You Tube video here. Brian Link is our director.

Schletty also sings regularly as a cantor / songleader at St. Mary's Catholic Church on 8th Street in downtown St. Paul.

Songwriters Showcase

Schletty was one of the performers for the Minnesota Association of Songwriters Showcase at Gingko Coffeehouse (Snelling Ave., St. Paul) on 10-11-2008. There were six acts, each playing 25 minutes. More showcases are planned for 2009! Thanks to Wayne Hamiltion and Nigel Eccleston for organizing this MAS Showcase and to Ginko Coffeehouse for having us.

Richard is back in the saddle, singing original songs to a gaggle of Gingko-goers.
Left to right: Nigel "Egg" Eccleston (performer and Emcee Eggstraordinaire), Brad Dunse, Trish Painter, Ken Beck, Lisa Briones, Steve Sanders, Shawn Stelton, Richard Schletty.

Rock-Rolla and Village Tavern

Street dance in Hopkin Saturday, August 28, 2010. Read about it here.

Check out these Rocka-Rolla videos!

Rocka-Rolla, Schletty's rock band from his college years, is one of the groups featured in "The Scene: Johnnie Rockers and Musicans" in Saint John’s University Magazine, Winter 2007.

Rocka-Rolla article: RockaRollaArticle.pdf

Text of article:

Like sound waves, Johnnie musical talent travels across the country. Meet Saint John’s University alumni as they sell out venues, load up iPods and entertain music fans...

The year 1974 produced a special vintage of Saint John’s musicians, including all six members of Rocka-Rolla, a band that made its debut in Mary Commons in 1971 and continues to have fun playing to this day.

They’re not career musicians. Only one was a music major. But musical glue and a Johnnie bond have held John Kennedy ’74, Todd Mueller ’74, Richard Schletty ’74, Tom Johnson ’74, Leon Schilmoeller ’74 and Steven Kutcher ’74 together.

Johnson and Kennedy have done some duet performances, but most of the Rocka-Rolla’s post-college gigs have been street dances Johnson’s family hosts and the occasional church festival.

The band covers 1950s and ’60s rock like the Beatles and Beach Boys plus an old-time component of bunny hops, waltzes and polkas. More than three decades after college, they’re reigniting their spark.

“As our kids are getting older, I think we’re saying ‘Let’s do this. Let’s play out more,’ ” said Schletty, a graphic designer by day.

They started inserting new songs into their lineup, some of them Schletty originals.

Schletty, meanwhile, has recently started taking music more seriously, collaborating online with other musicians and performing solo shows.

After 30 years, Rocka-Rolla is still rocking.

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