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Instrumentation by Luca Frappola (Italy)
Lyrics, vocals and mixing by Richard Schletty (U.S.A.)
©2006 Luca Frappola and Richard Schletty


For so many years I've been workin' like a dog.
Seems my day is done – I'm really in a fog.
Now I'm coming home on a cold and moonlit road.
Home to Dreamville, with a story to be told.

Took me fifty years to discover what I need:
A wife, my kids, a house, and a very tiny seed.
It's the seed of hope, it's the sun on the rise.
It's called Dreamville, it's a poet's paradise.

All these lofty thoughts, they had never filled my mind
'til I found a voice and a stringed axe to grind.
I'm reinventing wisdom, I'm tearing down the fence.
I'm bringin' to the masses a plain man's eloquence.

I will give my words to the humble and the proud.
I will sell my soul to the God who shouts aloud:
"Use your tools, son. It's time to make your move!
All those folks are waiting to see what you can prove."

Now I'm coming home, I'm a wailing down the stretch.
This ain't no hopeless hopefulness, a stupid pencil sketch.
It's virtually reality. It's right there, down the road.
Soon I'll be in Dreamville, that's where I'll get my lode.