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Breath That Heals

Dedicated to President Barack Obama 10/10/2009. This song admits our struggle with evil (aka the culture of death) -- something that the Obama encampment seems incapable of admitting. Obama only wages a partisan war. He has shown no authority over the intrinsic evil of abortion. Dear Lord, we pray that President Obama receives the Breath that heals.

© 2009 Hendrik Steiner (music) and Richard Schletty (lyrics, melody, vocals, mixing),
Lyrics inspired by


In the crush of oppression
When emotions sway
And the truth is gray

In a crazy obsession
When the senses war
And the will is torn

That's when you shout, for nothing can conceal
The joy when you receive the Breath that heals

Quench the flaming darts
That pierce unguarded hearts
Have authority over anger, fear and lust
Bring light, bring hope, bring trust

In the clutch of possession
When voices scream
And visions are seen

In the cold disconnection
From everlasting Love
From your God above



In each inspiration
When new seeds are grown
And the Word is known

In times of communion
When faith and hope unite
To fight the dark of night